Jewelry Terms

Cubic Zirconia A CZ is a synthetic diamond like stone. It is hard, optically flawless and can be produced colorless or in a variety of colors.

Crystals Crystals are loved for their sparkle and shine at an affordable cost. Many crystals are named for their country of origin: Austrian crystals, Korean crystals, or Czech crystals to name a few. The best-known brand of crystals used in jewelry is Swarovski.

Freshwater Pearls The Japanese were the first to cultivate freshwater pearls but the Chinese now dominates the industry. Freshwater pearls are harvested, bleached and drilled before being sold for jewelry manufacturing.

Gold Filled Most of our gold filled items are made of a base metal of stainless steel, covered by sheets of gold in a mechanical bonding process. Good quality gold filled jewelry will not change color or flake with reasonable use and care.

Gold Plated Usually a base metal such as brass is dipped into an electroplating solution. An electric current is applied and a thin coating of gold plates the metal. Over time, the item may require replating as the gold show signs of wear.

Gold Vermeil Gold vermeil is sterling silver that has been gold plated. Usually is fine for those who have an allergic reaction to fashion jewelry to wear gold vermeil.

Semiprecious Stone Jewelry A semi precious stone is one that has been mined, cut and polished to be used in jewelry. The more rare the stone the more valuable it is. Stones that are rare will be classified as precious stones. Some popular semi precious stones are Turquoise, Labradorite, Quartz, Carnelian, and onyx.

Sterling Silver Sterling Silver is a mixture of sterling silver and usually copper. The standard is 92.5% silver; this is why you will see the .925 stamps on sterling silver jewelry.