Jewelry Care

We do not suggest using a sonic cleaner. These types of cleaners may destroy electroplated surfaces and make jewelry look permanently dull.

Before placing your fashion jewelry into your jewelry box, wipe the piece off with a soft cloth. Remember that wearing the same piece of jewelry every day will cause the piece to deteriorate rapidly. Continuous exposure to skin, perfumes and other chemicals can tarnish or wear off the gold or silver plating.

Keep the jewelry in a sealed dry place. A jewelry box, pouches and cotton filled boxes are all great for storage. The tiny packets of silica gelli, often found as part of packaging for shoes and bags, are great to add to your jewelry box.

Do not swim, shower or exercise wearing your fashion jewelry. Chemicals will ruin your pieces. By taking care of your fashion jewelry and it will last a long time. Many of today's pieces will become collectable vintage pieces in the future.

We suggest using Hagerty Jewelry Cleaning products.